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Lewis and Clark

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Q: He was a pioneer in transpolar flights and led four scientific expeditions to the Antarctic?
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Improvements in safety and commercial flights were introduced

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President Ronald Reagan.Depending on what you consider the first flight, the answer is either Ronald Reagan (President January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1989) or Jimmy Carter (President January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981).DateOrbiterMajor event02/18/1977EnterpriseFirst flight; Attached to Enterprise Shuttle Carrier Aircraft throughout flight.08/12/1977EnterpriseFirst free flight; Tailcone on; lakebed landing10/12/1977EnterpriseThird free flight; First with no tailcone; lakebed landing10/26/1977EnterpriseFinal Enterprise free flight; First landing on Edwards AFB concrete runway.04/12/1981ColumbiaFirst Columbia flight, first orbital test flight; STS-1Enterprise never flew in space but it did fly in the atmosphere. If you consider Enterprise to count as one of the space shuttles, then the first flight was in 1977 under Carter. If you only count the flights that launched into space, then Columbia was the first flight and occurred in 1981 under Reagan.

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Who was a pioneer in transpolar flights and lead 4 scientific expeditions to Antarctic?

Admiral Richard E Byrd

Which airlines fly to Antarctica?

There are no commercial flights to any Antarctic destination.

How much is the roundtrip airfare to antarctica?

There are no commercial flights to anywhere on the Antarctic continent.

How long is the flight from gatwick to antarctica?

There is no commercial air service to anywhere on the Antarctic continent. Your flights depend on the route you take to your ultimate Antarctic destination.

Why did flights to Antarctica stop for a period?

There are no commercial flights to anywhere on the Antarctic continent. Logistical air supply flights are not viable during the dark winter months, because hydraulics and fuel freeze at extreme low temperatures.

How long would it take to get to Antarctica by air from Vermont?

Your answer depends on your Antarctic destination. You can fly commercially to Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, even South Africa, and from there charter a private plane to take you to your Antarctic destination. There are no commercial flights to anywhere on the Antarctic continent.

Where is Antarctica's airport?

There are no airports in Antarctica. Logistical flights carried out by government military operations can land on ice runways during some periods of the year. There are no commercial flights that land anywhere on the Antarctic continent.

How many gateways does New Zealand have?

There are three main airports to which international flights arrive, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland. On occasion, Invercargill airport has been used for Antarctic flights, but the bulk of these use Christchurch.

How many hours does it take to fly from Florida to Antarctica?

There is no commercial air service to anywhere on the Antarctic continent. This means that once you choose your ultimate Antarctic destination, you can fly commercially to Chile, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia and then charter an expeditionary aircraft to take you to your final Antarctic location. You are responsible for all charges related to the expedition, its equipment and services for the crew.

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No flights 'go over' the South Pole. Supply planes land at the South Pole and take off from there. These supply planes are operated by the USA military and are dedicated to scientific research.

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Are there any commercial airlines in the South Pole?

No, there are no commercial flights to either pole. The Antarctic continent is a continent dedicated to science. There are no cities there, no countries there and so forth. People who work there are flown in by contractors who work for the workers' governments.