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Q: Horses used by the plains Indians were descendants of animals introduced by people of what European heritage?
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Horses used by the North American Plain Indians were descendants of animals introduced by people of what European heritage?

North American

Who introduced chewing gum to the European settlers in America?

Wampanoag Indians

What culture has both African and European heritage?

Trade between Europeans and Indians, however, was not of equal benefit to both cultures.

Who introduced horses to plains Indians?

It was not introduced, for the Plains Indians stole the horses from the spanish.

Who had been eating corn for centuries before America was discovered?

The Native Americans (Indians) introduced Corn (maize) to the early European settlers.

What was introduced by Europeans to the New World?

European things like clothes spices animals and 2 the Indians new people

Why do Indians share there heritage?


Identify two European influences on the Americas?

Europeans introduced domestic animals such as chickens from Europe and Africa. European pigs, cattle and horses spread through North America, Indians learned to ride them.

Is there ancestres of the black creek Indians?

I am a descendants of one

Who introduced rationing system in India first?

Indians introduced it.

How did the horses come to America?

America's wild mustangs are possibly descendants of Spanish horses that swam ashore after a ship wreck hundreds of years ago, along with the descendants of early escaped horses from the European colonies.

Were did the pueblo Indians com from?

It is believed they are the descendants of the ancient Anasazi tribe.