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They understand better.. (:

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Q: How Shihuangdi set up single system of writing?
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What is a set builder?

It is a way of writing an answer in algebra if the answer is a set of numbers instead of a single number. Such as: { x | x > 3} is read as the set of all numbers, x, such that x is greater than 3}.

What is the water pressure in Alaska?

This is not answerable question. Each municipal system will have a water pressure set by the municipality and every single house system set by the individual doing the maintenance.

What is the synonym for alphabet?

Some synonyms for 'alphabet' include writing system, script, character set, letters, symbols.

What is different between lettering and ordinary writing?

lettering is a grapheme (written character) in an alphapetic system and writing is a language in a textual medium trough the use of a set of signs or symbols

Why did no single leader control the government?

There was a system of checks and balances set up. This system prevented one branch of the government from becoming too powerful.

What is a system of linear equations?

A system of linear equations determines a line on the xy-plane. The solution to a linear set must satisfy all equations. The solution set is the intersection of x and y, and is either a line, a single point, or the empty set.

What prevents a single group from having too much power in the government?

The Checks and Balances system set up in the US constitution.

What he meaning haploid?

Haploid refers to having a single set of chromosomes.Haploid refers to having a single set of chromosomes.

What is the purpose of a computer cluster?

A computer cluster is a set of loosely or tightly connected computers that collectively control a larger machine. The set of computers can all be viewed on a single monitoring system.

What is a set of equations in the same variables?

It is a set of equations, which is also called a system of equations. There may be no solution, a single (unique) solution or more than one - including infinitely many.

Does china have the most symbols of any writing system?

No, in fact, China does not use any alphabet. Chinese uses a system of thousands of symbols that represent ideas. (alphabets contain letters that only represent sounds).

What are the different methods of writing a set?

method in wrinting a set