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A galaxy is a large collection of matter bound together by gravity. Visibly, a galaxy consists of stars and nebulae, along with dust clouds detectable because they block the light from stars. The stars may nor may not have planets, asteroids, or comets. In addition there are gas clouds which can be found because they alter light that passes through them. The final component is what scientists have named "dark matter", because except for its gravitational influence it can't be detected.

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Q: How Would You Describe A Galaxy?
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Describe how your galaxy would look an alien observer in another galaxy?

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, would appear as a spiral-shaped structure from a distance, with a central bulge surrounded by long arms of stars, gas, and dust radiating outwards. Depending on the observer's perspective, they might see the galaxy edge-on, face-on, or at an angle, which would affect how they perceive the spiral structure. They would also see the light emitted by billions of stars, creating a beautiful and majestic sight in the vastness of space.

How would you describe the Milky Way galaxy and our place in it?

its a spiral galaxy and the earth is so far the only planet in the milky way where we know we can live

How would you describe the size of a star?

Each star is a sun for another galaxy, so i would say it was absolutley massive!

How do use galaxy in a sentence?

The word galaxy is a noun used to describe a cluster of billions of stars. One way to use the word in a sentence would be to say, "The Milky Way is the galaxy of stars that we live in."

What are words that describe elliptical galaxy?

They are shaped like a round galaxy and they are flat

Which term does not describe a type of galaxy?

nebular :) san

What terms describe the Milky Way?

spiral galaxy

Describe what makes up a galaxy?

Stars, Dust and Plasma.

How do you describe a Samsung Galaxy s4?

You may describe it as slim or shiny. You can also describe it's size, screen brightness, and how it feels(smooth).

How would you describe the composition of spiral galaxies?

Spiral galaxy has 3 basic components to its visible matter: the disk, the halo, and the nucleus or central bulge.

What is a sentence using galaxy?

I see that you are not from this galaxy. I would like to direct you to the next galaxy. I would like for you to name the galaxy in which our solar system resides.

What is an unformed galaxy?

An unformed galaxy is a term sometimes used to describe a galaxy that is in the process of forming, usually in the early stages of its development. This can refer to a galaxy that is still gathering material from its surroundings, forming stars, and evolving structurally.