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The American Revolutionary War between the 13 original U.S colonies and the British. After the United States gained independence in 1783 from Britain. That's how the United States (America) was set free from the British.

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Q: How america set free from British?
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When the pilgrims arrived in America were they free?

No, they were not "free" like Americans are today. They were ruled by the British monarchy.

What would have happened if the colonists had not separated from the British?

America would not be free

Who was the firat slave to be set free in America?

Zach Ashford

Should areas be set aside as human-free?

No, This is America !

Why dis William penn went to America?

He was set by the British to be a American general

Do the sons of America set up liberty poles to defy the british?

no they dont

What colony set up the first tax supported public schools in British North America?

The first colony that set up a tax-supported public schools in British North America was Aurora city schools.

Last colony in America?

Once America declared independence from England all colonies were free from British rule.

When did America get taken over in the British empire?

"The sun never set on the British Empire" - this saying was literal; at its peak the British Empire was the largest empire the world had ever known. There are too many members to list, but you may find the related link useful.

What year was America changed to America?

the year America was changed to America was around the time the revolutionary war started because the Americans wanted to be free from the british and the wanted to be there own free country without being in the control of the british who basically treated them as if they could strip money from them and that is basically how the revolutionary war happened and that is how America was changed to America!

What nation helped America break free from Britain?

France helped the Americans get free of the grip of the British King and the Parliament.

When did the British North America act come into effect?

The British North America came into effect on July 1, 1867.The British North America Act was proclaimed on March 29, 1867, and the date of July 1, 1867, was set for the Act to come into effect.