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Whether or not a case can be heard by the highest court in the land depends upon the merits of the case itself.

The court has jurisdiction over lawsuits involving foreign diplomats, matters OS admirality, suits by the federal government against states and vice-versa, suits by a state against an non citizen immigrant or a citizen of a different state, and certain suits between two states (boundary or jurisdictional issues).

It may accept a case for review when there is a question as to whether or not a decision made by a lower state or federal court that violates the Constitutional rights of a citizen.

The majority of cases reviewed are chosen by the justices themselves usually based upon the Constitutionality of the verdict that was rendered.

The Supreme Court is the "final stop" of the judicial process and decisions rendered by the court are permanently binding and cannot be appealed

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Q: How and why is a case heard by the US Supreme Court?
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What is it called when the supreme court hears a case that has already been heard in court?


Where was the heart of atlanta motel v us case originally tried?

the NOrthenr district court for Georgia heard the case before the supreme court.

What are two kinds of parties that have their cases heard by the US Supreme Court?

The parties to a US Supreme Court case are typically referred to as the Petitioner and the Respondent. This is approximately analogous to the Plaintiff (Petitioner) and Defendant (Respondent) in a criminal case.

What is the written opinion of the supreme court called?

The written explanation for the US Supreme Court's decision is called an opinion.See Related Questions for an expanded explanation.

Is US Supreme Court required to take every case that it is requested to take?

No. The US Supreme Court has full discretion over cases heard under both its original and appellate jurisdiction, but is required to consider every case petitioned.

When a case goes directly to the US Supreme Court it is called what?

If the US Supreme Court is the first to hear a case, the Court has original jurisdiction.

What does the supreme court case us v bagley do?

What does the supreme court case burns v. reed do?

What is a sentence with the case Marbury v Madison in it?

The US Supreme Court heard the Marbury v. Madison case in 1803.Marbury v. Madison is considered one of the most important cases in the history of the Supreme Court.

What if a state declares a law unconstitutional and void?

If a state court declares a state law unconstitutional, the state will probably appeal the case to the state supreme court. If a state court declares a federal law unconstitutional, the losing party in the case will appeal the decision in the federal courts. The case could ultimately be heard by the US Supreme Court; however, if a lower court reverses the state court's decision and either the appropriate US Court of Appeals Circuit Court or US Supreme Court decline to consider the case, the decision of the lower federal court would be final. The US Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of constitutionality.

Can a police officer bring a narcotic issue in to the federal system?

If what you mean by a federal system you mean a supreme court, then NO. The only person who can bring a case to the supreme court is a lower court. Typically a case will get heard in a circuit court, then if contested, the findings will be reviewed by an appeals court and if it gets farther than that it will be reviewed by a state supreme court and eventually (only if it is a federal issue) it will be heard by the US supreme court. So technically a police officer can't bring it there, but he/she can be the initiator of the case on the lower level.Cheers!

Was the case Worcester v Georgia heard under the US Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction?

Yes, the case was heard under the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction. Worcester v. Georgia, (1832) was appealed on a writ of error from the Superior Court for the County of Gwinett in the State of Georgia.Case Citation:Worcester v. Georgia, 31 US 515 (1832)

How many cases has the US Supreme Court heard in its history?

The US Supreme Court has heard more than 30,000 cases since its inception in 1789 (no cases were heard for the first few years).