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St. Augustine was a Spanish settlement from the 1500’s and is the oldest city in the United States. Jamestown was not meant to be a colony and the 107 men were sent to work for gold.

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They are both towns in the United States.

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Cant find it

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Q: How are Jamestown and the settlement of st Augustine different?
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What was the first permanent settlement in America?

St. Augustine, Florida; a Spanish settlement.

Which country started the settlement of St. Augustine?

The Spanish began settlement of St. Augustine

Which came first Saint Augustine or new Amsterdam?

St. Augustine came first. St. Augustine was founded in 1565, while Jamestown was not founded until 1607. Jamestown is correctly called the first ENGLISH colony in what is the present day continental U.S. However, St. Augustine, a SPANISH colony, is the oldest European settlement of any sort in the U.S.

The first permanent European settlement?

The first permanent settlement by Europeans on North American was St. Augustine, FL in 1565. The first English settlement was Jamestown, VA in 1607.

What is the oldest European settlement in north America?

Jamestown. Simple answer.

What city is the oldest permanent European settlement in the US?

St. Augustine Florida, founded by the spanish, it is the oldest city founded by Europeans in the "New World."

Was Jamestown new Amsterdam new Orleans or st Augustine founded first?


What is an early settlement in Florida?

St. Augustine

What are different settlements made in Saint Augustine?

St. Augustine built the first permanent, or long-lasting, European settlement in what is now the United States.

What was 1st permanent European settlement?

St Augustine

Where was the first permanent European settlement on future US soil?

St. Augustine, FL

First permanent european settlement in America?

St. Augustine, Florida, a Spanish settlement.