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I think that the answer you are looking for is:

1. interest groups

2. research and writing of bills

3. political culture

4. mass media records

5. biased sampling

6. the federal election campaign act.

7. information

8. peer group

9. representative sample

10. random sampling

hope this helps... and double check number 4 because i think it might be poll. all the rest im sure about!

#4 is polls

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The nomination process is the process when nominating the president.

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Candidates are nominated for office by a popular vote with their parties. Once they win the vote with their parties, they are able to race against the other candidate.

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Q: How are candidates nominated for office?
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What is meant by nomination of candidates?

It simply means selecting the candidates for the electorate to choose from at the ballot. For example - there might be 10 candidates nominated (chosen) to run for office - but obviously only one can have the job !

What mean the nomination?

# The act or an instance of appointing a person to office. # The act or an instance of submitting a name for candidacy or appointment. # The state of being nominated. an act or instance of nominating, esp. to office: The floor is open for nomination of candidates for the presidency. 2. the state of being nominated.

What parties nominated presidential candidates in 1860?

The parties that nominated were Republicans and Northern Democrats.

How did the increasing power of political parties affect the candidates in the presidential election of 180?

each party nominated presidential and vice-presidential candidates

What if Texas Nominated Its Candidates by Conventions?

the answere is i<3D

Presidential candidates are formally nominated at a .?

national convention

Presidential candidates are formally nominated at?

a national convention.

How many times can you vote in the general election?

At the UK general election, 138 political parties nominated candidates for Parliament - the vast majority in just one parliamentary constituency. Only 56 nominated multiple candidates; 25 nominated 10 or more. No party nominated a candidate in every constituency; the party with the most candidates was the Conservative Party, which nominated 631 of its own candidates and jointly-nominated a further 17 with the Ulster Unionist Party, meaning it nominated candidates in 648 of 650 constituencies. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats both nominated candidates in the same 631 seats. The United Kingdom Independence Party (572 candidates) and the British National Party (338 candidates) were the only other parties who nominated candidates in more than half the seats up for election; the English, Welsh and Scottish Green parties did, however, nominate 330 between them. The average voter had a choice of between 5 and 6 party candidates in a constituency, with every constituency having at least 3 party candidates. Voters could not support parties who did not contest the constituency they voted in.

How is the vice president nominated?

Picked individually by the candidates for president

Who selects the candidates for public office?

Typically, politicians select the candidates for public office. They hold a selection procedure to determine who the candidates will be.

Who else might be on the ballot besides the nominated republican and democratic candidates?

puppies and ponys!!

What does nonimitative mean?

Nominated as a candidate for office.