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The Mayor can.

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Q: How are community leaders able to make and carry out laws?
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How are scientific laws and societal laws the same?

Scientific laws are absolutes, they are unchanged by the nature of the observer. Societal laws are a product of the community - generally a consensus in a particular community, but a different community may have a quite different set of community laws.

Who works with the presidant to carry out the laws?

the vice president helps the president make laws

What do you call leaders not following the laws?


What is Spiritual law?

In most cases spiritual laws refers to the practices of religions. Religious leaders help members of their religion to understand the principles of the religion. They are expected to form groups to do charitable work in the community. At times and depending on the religion, religious leaders make plans for overseas missions to help the poor and spread respect for spiritual laws they believe are true.

What laws protect the community?

All laws, local, state and federal protect the community but local ordinances are designed to protect and govern life in a particular community.

What are community rules called?


What branch carry out laws?


What Carry out laws and policies?

A constitution

Why do you have to vote?

You do not HAVE to vote, in America, you may choose to vote, for it is one of man's common rights. we fought to achieve independence, and to be able to pick our leaders, not have whatever crazy so called "royal" idiot tumbles out the throne. But as Many of us say here, if you are able to vote, but you don't, you have no right to complain about who wins. In addition to voting for leaders, you vote for laws, what you think of them and if you think its something that needs to be done. the American government cares about its people, and wonders what they think of the laws and clauses passed, so there is always a vote for the laws.

How are by-laws made?

By-laws are commonly made by organizations or a community for purposes of regulating itself. The by-laws will be in the influenced by the interests of the community but are guided by the legislation from the relevant authorities.

How did laissez faire economic ideas influence british leader during the early year of the industrial revolution?

It convinced leaders not to make laws addressing issues such as child labor and pollution.

Do government leaders follow the rule of law in Cuba?

Cuba is a Communist Dictatorship - the government leaders MAKE the laws.