How are cultures destroyed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cultures can be destroyed and eladicated in many ways, whih are as follows:

  1. Likeness of other people's or foreign culture.
  2. Government policy: here, government may like to amend certain cultural believes especially in a countries where there are many tribes. On that aforsaid, culture that believe in human sacrifice. which is against the human right.
  3. Not believing in ourselves.
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Q: How are cultures destroyed?
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Is it true most European settlers pushed out the native American communities and nearly destroyed their cultures?


What impact did the explores of Europe have on the Americas?

Destroyed all the cultures that were here, killed a majority of the people, and stole their land.

What are causes of different environmental issues in Rome?

Many cultures are being destroyed by others coming in and taking over

How did the Mi'kmaq contribute to the building of Canada?

They helped get rid of the residential schools, which destroyed native cultures and haunted many people.

What happened to all the ancient societies over time?

Ancient societies were either completely destroyed by conquerers or lost their homogeny to other cultures.

Why was colonization bad?

Because, it always ends up with the same results. It all ways end up with destruction to lives and cultures.... ;)

Who were the people who cortez find in Mexico?

There were many cultures in Mexico at the time when Cortes made first contact with them. Some of them include Mayans, Tlaxcalans, Cholultec and Aztecs. The Aztec civilization was utterly destroyed by Cortez and his Tlaxcalan allies.

What was the impact of colonization on culture?

Colonization affected mayan culture in a neggative way.

How do you say destroyed in German?

destroyed = zerstört destroyed = verwüstet

What cultures are in downtown Toronto?

There are many cultures in Toronto. There are a variety of cultures to look at.

What are the bad results in partition of Africa concerning the colonization?

Funny how a 13 year old nows this. Anyway, Colonization was never a good thing it always resulted the same way, Cultures and lives being destroyed. Thats basically all...

Why have whites destroyed the earth so much?

That is a very racist viewpoint. At the moment it is the developing world that is destroying the earth, they are not taking not of the manifest damage caused by earlier cultures and that is not a very clever position to be in. All races suffer form "greed".