How are elections won?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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In the United States the president is chosen mostly by the Electoral College (a select group of people from each state), though the citizen votes are looked at also, they are not as "important".

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In which country? What type of election? Need more specific question to answer it I'm affraid.

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Q: How are elections won?
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Who won the elections in Mexico 2006?

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa (term: 2006-2012) won such elections.

Who won the elections Obama or mcCain?

Obama won.

Who won the elections of 1930?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who won the most recent elections in the world?

All of the world doesn't have elections. Pick a place.

How many number of woman candidates who won the lok sabha elections in India since first elections?

Since India won its independence and started the Lok Sabha elections, over 560 women have won seats. The highest number of elected women came in the 2009 elections when 58 women were admitted to the House.

How many presidential elections have the democrats won?

The Democratic party founded by Jackson won six elections. After the Civil War, the modern Democratic party emerged and they have won the presidency 15 times.

What is a consecutive federal elections?

Consecutive federal elections are elections that occur back-to-back; all elections are consecutive unless they are unprecedented or abolished after being held once. Usually, the term is used in the context of election victories. If a party wins consecutive federal elections, it has won several elections without interruption. For example, in Canada, the Progressive Conservative Party won the federal election of 1984 and was re-elected at the next election in 1988. It thus won consecutive federal elections.

How did Rafael correa gain power?

He won presidential elections in 2006 and was re-elected in elections 2009.

Who won the 2008 US elections?

Barack Obama.

What did obama promise to his daughters if he won the elections?

A puppy!

How Croatia elects their prime minister?

The party that won the majority in the elections choses a person who will be the Prime-minister.

Who won the electoral votes in the 2008 elections?

Barack Obama won electoral votes in 2008