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Usually there is a central Council of religious leaders in place. They select - often after a lot of political infighting and manoeuvering - a new leader from their midst. That process is usually not subject to any form of democratic process or control.

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Q: How are leaders for theocracy elected or selected?
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How were a theocracy's leaders selected?

they are burned and whipped and if they survive then they are legitimately selected as the leader of Iran which is a theocracy gov.

How do leaders become leaders in a theocracy?

selected by a special group of people

What is a sentence using the word theocracy?

America is not a theocracy because it is run by elected leaders, not religious leaders. The establishment of an Islamic theocracy in Iran further threatened Israel.

Which nation's government is classified as a theocracy governed by 86 elected religious leaders known as the Assembly of Experts and one Supreme Leader as head of state?

Iran is classified as a theocracy, governed by 86 elected religious leaders known as the Assembly of Experts and one Supreme Leader as head of state.

How are Turkey's leaders selected?

The presidents are elected by the citizens through a public vote

How were Renaissance leaders selected?

Renaissance leaders were elected from various guilds in a city or from the aristocracy. This meant that the leader of a city could be anybody.

Who is the leaders in theocracy?

A theocracy is a goverenment headed by religious authorities.

When religious leaders head a government it is called a?


What is the name of a government ruled by leaders with divine authority?

A theocracy is technically a government ruled by God, and his authorities (the religious leaders) interpreting his word and administrating it for him.An ecclesiocracy is a government in which religious leaders assume a leading role in the state, but do not claim that they are speaking for God.

Which country does political power rest in the hands of religious leaders?

A theocracy is a form of government in which the leaders are selected by a form of religious hierarchy. There are only two theocracies in the world today: Iran and Vatican City.

How are the leaders of the Vatican selected?

The pope is elected by the College of Cardinals and other offices are appointed by the Holy Father.

What is a government controlled by religious leaders called?

A government controlled by religious leaders is called a theocracy. In a theocracy, religious laws and beliefs dictate political decisions and governance.