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they arnt

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Q: How are people's views taken in to account in a Monarchy government?
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Views taken into the account of constitutional monarchy?

how ifk

What are the steps to be taken to make peoples of an uncivilised area safe from flood?

The peoples living nearby which are literate should request the government to organise such institutions in that uncivilized area that could make the peoples living in that uncivilized area, such civilized that they could save themselves from flood.The institution should suggests steps to be taken during flood, to the peoples of that area.

What characteristics are often taken into account to measure the development of a country?

effective government and a stable economy can we get a better answer?

How are peoples views taken into account in dictatorship?

That's the whole point of a dictatorship. Peoples views are NOT taken into account. The dictator dictates the laws they he/she wants. End of story!!!! In dictatorships the press is often silenced, or only allowed to publish what the dictator wants the public to read. People who try and publish other material are 'shut-down' and/or locked up. Conversely, the word 'democracy' has it roots in Classical Greece, and means the 'rule or will of the people', ; 'Demos', people and 'Cratos' to rule. Peoples opinions and views are taken into account and the press can publish freely any material its likes. Hence the political leaders of a democratic nation have to make laws that reflect these views and opinions. People are not silenced.

What types of freedoms do people in Cambodia have?

The government is a elective constitutional monarchy. This means there is a prime minister and a monarchy at the head of state. Yet, the country has been rated as an authoritarian country. In 1997 coup overturned the government and analysts say the rule of law and freedoms have not taken hold. So, to answer this question I would say there are no freedoms at this time.

When was Hawaii taken over?

The Monarchy was overthrown in January of 1893.

How are people's views taken into account in a monarchy?

In an absolute monarchy, only the monarch has power, so everyone other than the monarch has no power. The extent to which the subjects' views are taken into account is the degree to which the monarch cares about his people and the degree to which he fears that a revolt may occur.In a constitutional monarchy, who is deprived of power depends entirely on the constitution in question. A constitution that gives minimal voice to the people, such as those of Morocco and Jordan, allows people to have a voice by electing about half of the parliamentary seats. This has minimal actual effect. A constitution that give maximal voice to the people, such as those of Britain and Spain, the people's voice is represented by the legislature that has almost complete (if not total control) of the government.

What is the same about Mycenaeans and Minoans?

They were both early Greek peoples who were taken over by invaders from other Greek peoples and from the Sea peoples.

What type of government did Ancient Greece have?

had many government because of many city- stateIt was eitheroligarchy, monarchy, democracy, or aristocracy.sorry it is almost right. there was oligarchy, tyranny, democracy, or aristocracy. (tyranny was when power was taken illegally. The tyrant wasn't always mean.)

What measures has government taken against untouchables?

Measures. Taken by government for Untouchabilty

My account show several fees- why and can any of them be taken off ?

My account shows several fees - why and can any of them be taken off?

What is true of the federal government's demographic representativeness?

If all employees are taken into account, the federal bureaucracy comes reasonably close to being representative of the nation's population.