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though prostitution and in Africa warlords in third world countries take salves

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Q: How are people still enslaved today?
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Was the slave trade a good thing?

Certainly not for those enslaved. It should be remembered that slavery still exists today It made economic sense for those that enslaved people. Morally it was and remains indefensible.

What are enslaved people?

enslaved people are people who are slaves back then during the colonies there had enslaved people who help then with their plantations

What is the importance of a serf today?

A serf is the Greek word for slave and slavery still exists. It has been part of man's history for thousands of years. The fact that people enslaved others shows the cruelty of man.

What is enslaved people?

Enslaved people are people who doesn't have freedom or rights

How did enslaved people spread African culture?

The enslaved people came to africa and forced everybody to become like enslaved people

What is the number of enslaved people in the North on 1860?

number of enslaved people

What did free and enslaved African Americans have in common?

They were both treated badly, and people were still racist towards them.

Are there still people today in slavery?

Yes, slavery is still happrning today because people make money off of it

The emancipation proclamation enslaved people living where?

states still in rebellion against the Union after January 1, 1863

How did new jerseyan's help enslaved people?

What did new jerseyans do to help enslaved people

In Sparta enslaved people were called what?

Slaves or enslaved people in Sparta were called helots.

Why did the enslaved people run away to join the british?

Enslaved people were seeking liberty