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the north and the south both had differnt veiws or belives on tariffs. The North wanted tariffs and the south did not.

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Q: How are the North and South different from their suggestion of tariffs?
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Why did the north and south have different attitudes toward height tariffs?

Tariffs dealt with their trade.

Why did the North and the South have different attitudes toward higher tariffs?

Because Tariffs deal with their trade... which is bad.

Why did north and the south have different positions on higher tariffs?

North had factories that made goods- they wanted higher tariffs on imports to protect their businesses from competition. The South wanted to be able to buy from the North OR from foreign markets, and wanted lower tariffs (lower prices for them to pay)

Why did Governor Hayne of The North higher tariffs because tariffs . The South higher tariffs because tariffs South Carolina favor states' rights?

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How did north and south feel about tariffs?

The north approved protection for tariffs, people bought cheaper manufactured goods.

How did North and South differ on the issue of tariffs?

In the northeast, farms intended to be small, and the produce was usually marked locally.. As for the south, cotton production increased dramatically

What side opposed tariffs north or south?

the south opposed tariffs because they had to import all of their stuff from foreign countries

Why did the North wanted Tariffs and the South did not?

The North wanted to proetct its industry against foreign imports. The South only had cotton, and needed all kinds of imports. So the Tariffs were seen as a tax by the North on the South.

What did the North want to protect its industry?

It wanted to protect its industry by levying tariffs (taxes) on cheap imports. The South had very little industry, and needed cheap imports. So the tariffs looked like a tax by the North on the South.

How were Northern views different toward tariffs different from Southern views?

The South, being primarily agricultural, opposed tariffs, because, unable to manufacture the goods they needed, had to import them from Europe or buy them from the North. In the view of the South, tariffs made everything more expensive, and thought that there was unequal distribution of the money derived from the imposition of the tariff. The North favored the tariff, believing it protected domestic industries from unfair foreign competition.

what was a major of high tariffs?

Sectional arguments between the North and the South

Why did the issue of tariffs add the the growing conflict between the north and south?

The North wanted to protect its young industrial base with tariffs (tax) on imported goods. The South had no industrial base, and needed many imports. So this looked like the North taxing the South.