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They are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Commission on Judicial Appointments. The Commission consists of the state Attorney General, the state Chief Justice, and the most senior state Court of Appeal presiding justice. Once confirmed by the Commission, a justice stands in an uncontested election, the voters deciding "yes" or "no" whether the justice should remain on the bench.

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Q: How are the justices of the California Supreme Court chosen?
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Supreme Court justices are chosen on the basis of their?

Supreme Court justices are often chosen on the basis of their qualifications. However, since being a judge is a political position, justices can also be chosen based on their political viewpoints.

Who are US Supreme Court justices chosen and approved by?

US Supreme Court justices are chosen (nominated) by the President and approved by a simple majority vote of the Senate.

How are justices on the Supreme Court chosen?

The president gets to choose the justices himself

Does the us senate choose the supreme court justices?

Supreme Court justices are chosen by the president of the United States with the approval from the Senate.

There are justices on the supreme courthow mean justices on the supreme court are there?

there are about how mean justices on the Supreme Court.

Is this true or false The President can appoint a Supreme Court Justice with Senate approval?

True- such is how Supreme Court Justices are chosen.

How are supreme court justices appointedhe?

Supreme court justices are appointed by the president.

How many justices sit on Idahos supreme court?

There are 5 supreme court justices in the state of Idaho

What branch appointed Supreme Court Justices?

Supreme Justices are nominated by the Senate.Then, the President appoints the justices. Therefore,the executive branch appoints supreme court justices

How many justices are in the Arizona supreme court?

There are 9 supreme justices currently taking place in the supreme court.

How many justices serve one the supreme court?

There are 5 Wyoming Supreme Court Justices.

What is the ethnicity of Supreme Court justices?

Supreme Court justices may be of any ethnic heritage.