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The members of the House of Representatives, Senate, and the President and Vice-President are elected, as are members of the state legislatures, governors, mayors and other positions of city and county governments. Other positions in government at all levels are appointed. Some examples are the President's cabinet and positions at government agencies like the FDA, USDA, Department of Education, & the EPA.

Importantly, judicial appointments are just that, appointments. The US Supreme Court has judges appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate.

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The executive branch is made up of the president and vice president, who are elected by the citizens of the United States.

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senate must confirm or approve them

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Q: How are the members of the 'executive branch' elected or appointed to their post?
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Are members in the legistative branch elected or appointed?


How are leaders of the executive branch put into place?

The president and Vice President are elected, but other cabinet members are appointed.

Who appoints top members of the executive branch?

Legal voters vote for the president which tells the electoral collge which cantidate to vote for. Once the president is elected, they appoint his/her cabinet, providing the judicial branch agrees with the appoinent.

What branch of Government has members that are appointed but not elected?

The judiciary branch is the only branch of government that is appointed. The President appoints members for life.

How many elected leaders are part of the Executive Branch?

There are 13 or 538 members of the Executive Branch.

How are people chosen to serve in each branch?

The Judicial Branch is nominated by the Executive Branch, with the concurrance of the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch are appointed by the President once he has been elected. The Legislative Branch is elected by the people.

Are cabinet members the leaders of the US House of Representatives?

No. Cabinet Members are appointed by the sitting President to serve in the Executive Branch of government. The US House of Representatives is part of the Legislative branch, and the House leaders are elected by members of that body.

How are Executive branch members are elected?

every four years. The president and vice-president are the only elected members of the executive branch the serve four-year terms.The cabinet secretaries are appointed by the President, so a new President replaces most of them. The lesser workers are under civil service and are career workers.

Who are the current elected member of the executive branch?

The vice president does not run for office in the primary or general election. He is selected by the Presidential candidate to be a running mate. The Executive Branch consists of the President, Vice President and Cabinet. The Cabinet members are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. Therefore, the only elected official in the Executive Branch is the President.

Who appoints members of the judicial branch in Pennsylvania's government?

They are elected and not appointed.

Is the leader of the House of Representatives an appointed cabinet member?

No. The leader (Speaker) of the House of Representatives is elected by members of the House who, in turn, are elected by the voters in their congressional districts. The President appoints cabinet members to serve in the Executive Branch of government; the House of Representatives is in the Legislative Branch.

Who are the elected White House officials?

The only elected members of the executive branch of the US government are the president and the vice-president. The cabinet and the white house staff are all appointed by the president, with confirmation by the Senate.