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Q: How are the order of political conventions determined?
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The primaries now choose the candidates for president but is once the job of?

It was once the job of political party conventions. political party conventions

Three negative characteristics of political conventions include?

Three negative characteristics of political conventions include are:FraudBriberyCorruption

The two types of conventions that came into being after 1830 were the?

political party conventions and international diplomatic conventions. Political party conventions were organized to nominate candidates for political offices and to establish party platforms. International diplomatic conventions were convened to negotiate and establish agreements between different countries on a variety of issues, such as trade, territory, and diplomatic relations.

Who selects delegates that attend the national conventions?

(political parties)delegates are usually chosen during a primary or caucus depending on the state your in. Delegates who attend national party conventions are chosen by the members of the particular political party.

These powerful political leaders chose delegates and controlled conventions?

Political party 'bosses'

What convention is a meeting in which a political party will choose its candidate for president?

These meeting are called political conventions. Nowadays, primary elections are more important than the conventions for choosing candidates.

How conventions will likely highlight political divide?

Just do research..

What was the original intent in political conventions?

i d'now maybe bush?

How are the dates of the presidential conventions determined?

The dates of the two major party's conventions are determined by a series of unwritten, but effectively binding, rules. The first of these rules is that the party currently controlling the Presidency holds its convention after the party seeking to take control of it. As such, the party challenging the incumbent President - or his designated successor - effectively has first pick of date. The second rule is that the conventions should not conflict with the summer Olympics, which take place in the same year. As such, the parties either schedule their conventions immediately after the two week Olympics (as in 2008 and 2012) or either side of them. This is to ensure they are not competing for viewers with the Olympic games. Political parties that chose to accept federal funding for their campaigns traditionally schedule their conventions as late as they possibly can, as independent fundraising is not permitted for those parties post-convention. The final rule is that the two parties cannot have their conventions overlap significantly, in order to ensure fairness and equal media coverage. As such, there must be at least several days between the two major conventions. The exact convention dates are determined by the respective party's national committees and leadership according to these rules.

Where can one find conventions for lobbyists?

A lobbyist can connect with other lobbyists to find conventions. They can also research what conventions are coming up and where they are located. There are often many lobbyists at the political conventions during election season.

What is considered a customary part of American political culture?

The full question is: What would be considered a customary part of American political culture not in the Constitution A the president can only serve two terms B political parties and their national conventions C the vice-presidency D freedom of speech The Constitution is silent about B political parties and their national conventions but these are customary parts of US Politics.

What is the purpose of the keynote address at the political conventions in US?

predict a victory