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The party tries to choose someone who will complement the presidential candidate and help them win the election. This might be someone who can carry a big state that the candidate is weak in. It might be someone who is popular in an area or with a group of people who do not strongly favor the presidential candidate. It might a person who has solid experience and might be attractive to independent voters. Good debating and campaigning skills are very valuable. There also may be political considerations within the party that need to be considered. If the nomination is hard-fought , it may be wise to offer the losing candidate the number two slot in order to ensure the strong support of his supporters in the upcoming campaign.

Lately, the party conventions have often let the presidential candidate name his running mate and personal likes and dislikes have seemingly become a major factor in making the choice on some occasions.

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Q: How are vice presidential candidates chosen?
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When is the vice presidential candidates officially chosen?

During the national convention

Where are presidential and vice presidential candidates chosen by the individual political parties?

in the political guess office in navada.

What basis are vice presidential candidates are usually chosen by the major parties?

Vice presidential candidates are generally chosen in order to garner extra votes in the general election. The votes will usually come from a specific area of the nation like the South or the West.

How did the increasing power of political parties affect the candidates in the presidential election of 180?

each party nominated presidential and vice-presidential candidates

On what basis are vice presidential candidates chosen by major parties?

The vice presidential candidate is chosen by the party's presidential nominee. The presidential nominee will often pick a vice presidential candidate by choosing someone who complements them and whose strengths cover the nominee's weakness. For example, Obama, a relatively young and inexperienced candidate, chose Joe Biden, an older, experienced politician.

1984 presidential election?

The presidential candidates were president Ronald Reagan and former vice president Walter Mondale.The vice presidential candidates were vice president George H.W.Bush and representative Geraldline Ferraro

Who were the presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates in the presidential election of 1972?

Richard M.Nixon/Spiro Agnew George McGovern/R.Sargent Shriver

Meetings to select the party's presidential and vice presidential candidates are called?

In the US, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for a party are announced at the party's respective convention. Both the Democratic and the Republican ones occured in fall of 2008.

How were candidates chosen before 1830?

Candidates for President were chosen by the Congressional Causcus before 1830. The President was the one that received the most votes and the Vice President was the runner up.

How were the candidates in the 1800 chosen for president?

In the Jeffersonian democracy presidential candidates would be chosen by caucuses that were held by political leaders. In a Jacksonian democracy the candidates would be chosen by conventions.

From 1800 to 1824 presidential candidates were chosen by?

in the earl 18000s, candidates for the presidency were chosen by

Who were the 2012 vice presidential candidates?

Joe Biden:former vice president Paul Ryan:congressman