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North Dakota is 70,700 miles in area.

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Q: How big is North Dakota?
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What famous buildings are in North Dakota?

North Dakota state capitol is North Dakota's tallest building 74 metres which isn't big at all!

Is the Sioux River in North Dakota?

The Big Sioux River is located in South Dakota and Iowa.

What is the big religion in the states of Wisconsin and North Dakota?


Is there a big sports event that happens monthly?

North Dakota

What is north of South Dakota and North Dakota?

Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada are to the north of North Dakota and North Dakota is to the north of South Dakota.

Is North Dakota or South Dakota farther north?

North Dakota is up by the border of Canada, Wyoming is just next to South Dakota.

What is a border city of South Dakota?

Yankton, South Dakota is on the border of South Dakota and Nebraska as are North Siuox City and Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. Big Stone City, South Dakota is on the border of South Dakota and Minnesota. Lemmon, South Dakota is located on the border of South Dakota and North Dakota.

Is the state of North Dakota north or south of the state South Dakota?

North Dakota is north of South Dakota.

What is North Carolina is to Virginia as South Dakota is to?

The answer is North Dakota. North Carolina is bordered by Virginia to the north. South Dakota is bordered by North Dakota to the north.

Does North Dakota pay you to live there?

No, North Dakota does not "pay you to live there". If you are an employee of the state of North Dakota then you would get paid to work in North Dakota by the state of North Dakota.

Is South Dakota or North Dakota closest to Canada?

North Dakota is closer to Canada than is South Dakota.

Is North Dakota in South Dakota?

No, North Dakota is north of South Dakota. Both North Dakota and South Dakota were part of the Dakota Territory before they became two separate US states.

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