How big is a schooner?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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two feet big

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Q: How big is a schooner?
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What is an antonym for schooner?

I think it to be a big ship

What is the antonym of schooner?

antonym for schooner

What type of boat is a schooner?

A schooner is a sailing ship.

What is lighter prairie schooner or conestoga?

a prairie schooner

What is a good sentence USING schooner?

Here are some sentences.A schooner is a type of boat.The pirate captured the schooner.

When did Schooner Jenny happen?

Schooner Jenny happened in 1823.

When was The Christmas Schooner created?

The Christmas Schooner was created in 1996.

What do you use for a sentence for schooner?

Example sentence - My favorite water craft is a schooner.

How fast is a schooner?

Pirate ships could always overtake a loaded schooner...

What is the difference between a tall ship and a schooner?

Nothing. A schooner IS a tall ship.

How do you use schooner in a sentence?

As she was not much of a drinker, one tall schooner of beer was her limit.He sailed his schooner to Mexico to avoid its repossession by the bank.I had never been on a yacht before but spent a wonderful two weeks cruising on a schooner.

When did Texan schooner Brutus end?

Texan schooner Brutus ended in 1838-10.