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this concerns the complex question of memories, legacy and lasting images.Take Kennedy and Nixon,for example, one seen as full of youthful promise, a fresh approach, a dynamic,charismatic leader-Nixon,by contrast , as the scheming,manipulative,machiavellian,opportunistic chancer whose ambitions defeated any shreds of integrity he might have once possessed.But are these stereotypes?If they leave a legacy of powerful images annd memories,are these realistic,rooted in reality, or prime examples of the triumph of style over substance? You decide.

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Q: How can a President influence a country long after he leaves office?
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How can a president influence government even after they are gone?

when a president leaves the office, if he has had a big effect on the USA when he was in office, he may have written a book, or spread word about something.

What is one legacy a president leaves after he leaves office?


The president leaves office on January 20?


Are cabinet officers responsible to congress?

implementing the president's program in a particular area while also attempting to influence the president's policies in that area.

Who did Washington influence the role of the president?

Every President since his time in office.

What does a US President's wife do to run the country?

A US President's wife holds no office nor the powers of any office. She might, of course, influence her Presidential husband as part of their personal relationship, but the US President has a Cabinet of official advisors who help him run the country and make decisions. A president's spouse has nothing to do with that in any official way.

How is the office of management and budget influence by the president?

it focuses on funding programs important to the president.

When does the US President leave office?

The President officially leaves office on January 20th at 12:00 noon after an election year.

Do the president's wages stop when he leaves office?

Yes- he stops getting his salary when he leaves office. However, he does get paid a pension, subject to the will of Congress.

What is President Bush's address in Texas after he leaves office?

i think it is somewhere in mission

What is the term of office for the cabinet member?

Cabinet members do not serve a fixed term. They serve at the will of the President and appointment expires if the President leaves office, but they can be re-appointed if the President so chooses.

Is it proper to use the term president after a man leaves office?

Yes- former presidents are usually addressed as president.