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he or she must weigh conflicting information and arguments presented by constituents, fellow party members, and lobbyists

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Q: How can a member of Congress balance responsibilities that conflict?
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What are the congress responsibilities and how does the congress carry these out?

The responsibilities of congress are clearly enumerated in the constitution. Upon taking office every member of congress takes an oath to "protect, preserve and defend the constitution". That is it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of immoral people in congress and they violate their constitutional powers.

What is congress woman?

A congresswoman is a female member of the United States Congress. Congresswomen are elected representatives who serve in the House of Representatives, which is one of the two chambers of Congress. They hold the same responsibilities and powers as their male counterparts.

A member of the United States congress must resign from congress if elected or appointed to a position in the executive or judicial branch. This requirements is an example of?

Conflict of interest

How did the unification of Germany cause a shift in the balance of power created by the congress of Vienna?

The unification of Germany cause a shift in the balance of power created by the Congress of Vienna since most of the rights of sovereignty remained in the hands of the member governments.

What are the duties and responsibilities of each family member?

what are duties and responsibilities of each member of the family

What are the responsibilities of congressional staffs?

Each member of Congress has staff to assist him or her during a term in office. To be most effective in communicating with Congress, it is helpful to know the titles and principal functions of key staff. (

Why can only a member of congress introduce a law?

Because he's the member of the congress

Can introduce a bill into Congress?

A Member of Congress

What do congress member's constituents share?

A congress member's constituents are the people he or she is elected to represent. They share a similar location as they all live in the congress member's home district.

Who can introduce a law to Congress?

In a state - any member of the State Legislature. In the Congress - any member of the Representative or Senator.

Who can introduce a bill to be consider in congress?

member of congress

Do you capitalize Members of Congress?

Congress is, member is not.