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A government loses legitimacy by irritating the governed to the point that they stop coöperating with the government. This is what happened to the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which now no longer exists, and the government of the German "Democratic" Republic. A government usually irritates people by flagrantly defying the constitution and taking bribes … I mean, "campaign contributions" … from the wealthy elite. This is currently going on in the United States and the EU (Empire Unfolding).

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2013-07-05 21:22:46
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Q: How can government lose legitimacy?
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What gives the government legitimacy?

The government derives it's legitimacy from the People.

What is the basis of legitimacy of the government of France?

France is a democracy, the government derives its legitimacy from the free vote of the people.

In a democracy how is rule of law regarded?

It is respected, as leaders are accountable to the people.

What is legitimacy and where does the government get it?

Legitimacy is a term used by governments to recognize another regime. A government can obtain legitimacy in several ways. For example, allowing people to participate in government having representatives shows signs of legitimacy. Also, having a codified law that is referred to shows signs of a "higher law" which is another way to obtain legitimacy.

The legitimacy of government in America rests upon?

The legitimacy of the government of the United States rests upon the Constitution. It is the ultimate law of the land.

Use legitimacy in a sentence?

the series of scandals associated with banks undermined their legitimacy in the eyes of the government.

Who gives legitimacy to government?

the people who are governed

When people accept that a government should have power that government is said to have?


Where does the US government derive its legitimacy and power?

The US government derives it power and legitimacy from its people; our government system is works around the idea of democracy so the government gets its power from the governed.

Explain two 2 ways by which a government could gain legitimacy?

three methods of achieving legitimacy

What is a government that earns the respect of its citizens said to have?


What is the source of legitimacy of the British government?

Democracy - it is elected by its people

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