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a) maintaining physical heritage in the context of living, developing cities;

b) allowing maximum access to available infrastructure, tourist sites, parks, and other green spaces;

c) strengthening the cultural and social viability of local community;

d) balancing interests of residents and visitors;

e) economic viability;

f) minimizing adverse ecological impacts on sites from transportation and;

g) unsustainable consumption patterns

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Tourism an be promoted by having family friendly activities available. There should also be plenty of shops ad restaurants where people frequent.

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Q: How can you promote tourism?
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What are the institutional elements that support and promote Philippine cultural tourism?

obstacles to tourism education

What recommendation can you make to strengthen tourism in your area?

To promote tourism and tell people the importants of tourist attractions.

Social change and technplogy promote domestic tourism?

there is not such athing

What was the point of the World Fairs?

To promote innovations of technology and tourism

Who is the key players of tourism planning and development?

I believe it would be the tourism public agency, the private sector and organizations that will help promote the tourism of the country.

How does hotels restaurant and entertainment promote tourism in Ghana?

importance of restaurant, hotels,and entertainment centres for promoting tourism.

What part of the government is responsible for Tourism?

Tourism isnt the domain of one level of government, all levels of government may promote tourism domestically or internationally.

WHAT is the function of department of tourism in the Philippines?

They promote tourism in some of their most popular areas like Cebu and Manila and stuff.

What is the government doing to promote domestic tourism in the philippines?

ulo mo

How can bahamain promote the growth of tourism?

Bahamians can promote tourism through several different methods. To boost tourism, it is imperative that services are offered such as transportation, accommodations and recreation are widely available to the traveler. A larger variety increases the likelihood the traveler will want to visit the area again.

What is Tourist Boards?

The tourist board is the subsection in the tourism ministry who is responsible for tourist's.And promote particular country for tourism Thank you D.D.Rajasekara