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some solutions to drink driving are as follwed...

1. Get a designated driver to drive others home. This prevents embarrassment, injury, deaths, loss of licences and fines towards your friends and family and other members of the public.

2. Get a bar owner to check who is driving and make sure they are under the limit.

3. Cheaper cabs.

4. Booze buses.

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You can't stop people from drinking and driving. You can try to discourage them in various ways, but that's about all.

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Take his beer 😛

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Q: How can you stop people from drinking and driving?
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What does a breathalyser do to stop people from drinking and driving?

It doesnt. The police use it if they suspect someone drinking and driving and get the suspect to breath into it to tell them if the have been drinking.

Do people die from drinking and driving?

Ya 12 people die every minute because of drinking and driving.

What is the beverage most people have been drinking when they are arrested for drinking and driving?


How do you stop people from drinking and driving?

To stop people from drinking and driving, it is important to increase awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence through educational campaigns, enforce strict penalties for those caught driving drunk, provide alternative transportation options such as designated drivers or ride-sharing services, and encourage responsible alcohol consumption through initiatives like promoting non-alcoholic options.

Why should you stop dirinking and driving?

it can be dangerous because you could get in a accident and die. Even without driving, drinking is bad for you

What percent of drinking and driving people are arrested?


What is the number one reason why people get arrested?

drinking and driving

How have students been using positive peer pressure to stop the problem of teenage drinking and driving?


How can you stop people dying from dirty water?

donate fresh drinking water to people who does not have clean drinking water

How can stop drinking caffeine help people?

maybe if they

How may people are driving and drinking a year?

i really don't know but it was a lot of people

How many people have killed someone by drinking and driving?

over 9000