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Ann Bates died while she was playing with Master Bates. Haha. Get it??? She died in 1874 in YARWELL, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE She was buried on Sep 7th 1874 in YARWELL, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE you're welcum

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i dont know LOOK IT UP

hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is so fun.

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in 1730

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Q: How did Ann Bates the Revolutionary war spy die?
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Who was Patience Wright?

she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war. she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war.

Ann Bates childhood biography?

Ann Bates was a schoolteacher in Philadelphia, and a loyalist spy for the British. She joined Henry Clinton's espionage sometime in 1778. As she was a spy, she posed as a peddler, selling thread, needles, knives, and utensils to American camp members. She travels through American camps selling these goods and looking and recording American weapons, men, anything that would be of good information for her leader. When her goods were all sold she went back to a British camp and reported all of her findings. While returning from spying on American troops Bates had been arrested, searched, and imprisoned for one day and night. Then released. She reported to Major Drummond and was sent out to spy again on July 29, 1778. While spying she was asked to look for a disloyal American troop. She had found one named Chambers. He shared important information to Bates. Though she found out that he had died 3 weeks later. Bates gathered information that American troops were headed to Rhode Island. She inaccurately reported it to Clinton on August 6, 1778. She told him that the troops had not yet gone to Rhode Island. Bates went to Washington's headquarters in the White Plains, NY, she overheard one of his aides say that boats were being prepared for landing on Long Island. Bates went back to Clinton to report the information. That info influenced Clinton's decision to send more troops to defend Rhode Island, forcing American and French armies to withdraw from Newport on August 31. Then on May 12, 1780 Bates left Clinton's espionage ring and worked with her husband as a gun repairman with the British Army, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where did Anna smith strong die?

Anna Smith Strong was born in 1740 and died at the age of 72 in 1812. She was a Culper Spy during the Revolutionary War. The Culper Spy Ring was formed by George Washington to provide the colonists with military intelligence from the British.

Why was Nathan hale a hero?

He was a continental soldier during the revolutionary war. He is considered America's first spy and was captured by the British during an intelligence gathering mission. He is famous for his last words, "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country". There is a statue of Hale at the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.

Who was the spy that was captured and hung by the British in the revolutionary war?

During the American War for Independence, British Major John AndrÉ is hanged as a spy by U.S. military forces in Tappan, New York. But, many people think that it was really Benedict Arnold. The truth is that Arnold could not be found, for he was the one who was going to get hanged originally. They could never find Arnold, so they hung Andre instead.

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In which battles did Ann Bates act as a spy?

in the revolutionary war

When did Ann Bates become a spy?


Who did ann bates spy on?

She spied on the Americans!!

Did Ann Bates spy on loyalists?

No, she was a loyalist herself.

Who was ann bates?

Ann Bates was marrried into the spy work. She was a loyalist for the British. One of her major acommplishments was breaking into George Washingtons headquaters.

What country did Ann Bates spy for?

She was a spy for britain during the american war for independance, She spied on the americans.

Ann Bates became a spy when?

Ann became a spy because of her husband being a gun repairman. So she was able to identify different types of guns and cannons. She became a spy sometime in the year 1778.

Why did Ann Bates become a spy?

She was married an military person and to help her country

Did ann bates ever get arrested?

Ann Bates was arrested because she was caught spying on the American Troops in New York. She was imprisoned for one night and one day and then released. After that, she reported back to Major Drummond, the leader of the spy network.

Did Nathan Hale die in the revolutionary war?

Yes, he was hung as a spy by the British.

Was Rachel Revere a spy in the Revolutionary War?

no she was not a spy in the revolutionary war!

Who was Patience Wright?

she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war. she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war.