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Q: How did Chile get its independence?
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When did Chile obtain its independence from its colonists?

Chile obtained its independence from its colonists in Sept. 18, 1810.

What year did Chile get its independence?

In 1817.

When did Chile got its independence?


Who brought independence to Chile?


From whom did Chile get its independence?


What is the most exciting thing about Chile?

the independence

When Chile's independence day?

September 18th

How did Chile gain it's independence?

Chile's Independence Day is September 18, 1810. However, full independence was not granted by Spain until 1818. It was formally recognized by Spain in 1844.

When did Chile become independant?

February 12, 1818 is the date that Chile officially gained independence.

What was the date that Chile became a country?

Chile declared its independence from Spain on February 12th 1818.

Who celebrates Independence Day in Chile?

why do they Celebrate Independence on Aug 5 and not Sept 18

What are the achievements of Jose de San Martin?

He successfully achieved independence for Chile and Peru. He also was a president.