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they wanted to become a power full empire and become rich and wealthy

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Q: How did Europe use Africa and its resources for Europe's own benefits?
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What is Europes resources?

You mean, what are Europe's resources.

What benefits did Europe gain as a result of the colonization of Africa?

Natural resources, like diamonds and gold

Europes relative location is?

Europe's relative location is to the north of Africa, to the west of Asia, and to the east of North America.

What is Europes continent?

Europe IS a continent.

why did Europe colonialize Africa?

so that they could exploit and export Africa's resources

Where is Europes rich farmland found?

Northern Europe.

Why was Europe so interested in Africa during the industrial revolution?

Africa has valuable natural resources for which Europe has many uses.

How long is Europes coastline?

Europe has a coastline of about 90,000 km.

Where Europes rich farmland?

Northern Europe, on the European Plain.

Are Europe's mistral winds warm or cold?

Europes Mistral winds are cold.

How much percentage of the earth does Europe take up?

europes land persantage

Europes major mountain range?

The largest mountain range in Europe is the Alps.