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When the Framers read the works of john Locke and Baron De Montesquieu they agreed with Locke about the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (although Locke wrote property instead of pursuit of happiness) and they agreed with Montesquieu about the separation of powers into three branches (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial).

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These men were a big influence on the Declaration and constitution. Both had expressed that people can choose who governs them and that they have the right to change the government when they find it no longer works. This was the foundation of the thinking of the founding fathers and was put into effect in the constitution. The world of 1776 and 1789 was the world ruled by Kings and they felt they owned the colonies, land, people, and crops. They could determine how people lived. The ideas in the Declaration and constitution were truly revolutionary and turned the world upside down. The king was no longer on the top of the pyramid, but he was knocked off and the 90% of the people were able to rule their own lives.

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Thomas Jefferson, for one, was an advocate of Locke's ideals of human rights, as summed up by the phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

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Enlightenment thinkers such as the leaders Thomas Hobbes and John Locke influenced the framers of the US Constitution with their radical and political ideas.

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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: How did European political philosophers influence the Framers of the US Constitution?
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What is the most important influence on the American founders?

European EnlightenmentMost political scientists and historians credit John Locke as the greatest individual influence on the formation of the US. Others included French thinkers like Rousseau.

Where did the US founding fathers find inspiration new government?

Several of the ideas in the Constitution were new, and a large number of ideas were drawn from the literature of Republicanism in the United States, from the experiences of the 13 states, and from the British experience with mixed government. The most important influence from the European continent was from Montesquieu, who emphasized the need to have balanced forces pushing against each other to prevent tyranny. (This in itself reflects the influence of Polybius' 2nd-century BC treatise on the checks and balances of the constitution of the Roman Republic.) John Locke is known to have been a major influence, and the due process clause of the United States Constitution was partly based on common law stretching back to the Magna Carta of 1215.

What document that was designed to end European influence in the Western Hemisphere?

The Monroe Doctrine.

Concept from the European enlightenment that was included in the us constitution?

The Bill of Rights is an example of how Enlightenment is reflected in the United?æStates Constitution. The Bill of Rights makes sure the government is held responsible for protecting its citizens.

In which non-European area did the French have the MOST influence at the start of the 1700s?

North America

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What European philosophers wrote the constitution?

European philosophers did not write the Constitution. It was written by a committee of Americans, led by William S. Johnson, penned by Gouverneur Morris, and every phrase and every clause negotiated by James Madison.

What has the author Michael Weston written?

Michael Weston has written: 'Kierkegaard and modern continental philosophy' -- subject(s): European Philosophy, History, Influence, Modern Philosophers, Philosophers, Modern, Philosophy, European

How did European philosophers influence Simon Bolivar?

European philosophers, such as Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Voltaire, influenced Simon Bolivar by inspiring his ideas on liberty, governance, and the rights of individuals. Bolivar was particularly drawn to the principles of democracy, separation of powers, and republicanism advocated by these philosophers, which guided his vision for Latin American independence and new nation-building. The European Enlightenment philosophy helped shape Bolivar's belief in the importance of constitutional government and the need for social and political reforms in the region.

How did the ideas of European political philosophers influence the way the farmers wrote the U.S. constitution?

Two political theorists had great influence on the creation of the constitution; John Locke, and Baron de Montesquieu. Both of these men put a lot of weight on the consent of the governed and the role of the governed people in government. They also emphasized the importance of the social freedom of an individual to pursue life, liberty, and property.

Philosophers of the European enlightenment favored?

Philosophers of the European Enlightenment favored the protection of Individual rights.

How can absolute monarch and the enlightenment connect?

In later years of Enlightenment, absolute monarchs in the several European countries adopted some ideas of Enlightenment political philosophers.

How did nationalism influence colonists living in European controlled territories did the 19th century?

It convinced them to fight for their political independence.

What political beliefs of the 1700s did European philosophers?

European philosophers in the 1700s were influenced by Enlightenment ideals such as individual rights, freedom of speech, and separation of powers. They also advocated for representative government, religious tolerance, and the pursuit of knowledge through reason and scientific inquiry. These beliefs laid the foundation for modern democratic principles and challenged established hierarchies of power.

Where was the constitution shaped by European traditions?

It wasn't, but an interesting thing about the constitution the founding fathers were all members of the Masonic Lodge and they used some of the traditions from the Masons in the constitution. Washington was a master mason and when he died he had a Masonic funeral. Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and others were all Masons and the influence in the constitution can be seen.

Why were the philosophers interested in sharing their beliefs with European rulers?


Is the European constitution and the American constitution similar?


When was European Political Science created?

European Political Science was created in 2001.