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Washington was elected by the process specified in the newly ratified US Constitution. Only 10 states voted since NC and RI had not yet ratified the Constitution and New York was not able to get its electors selected in time.

As for why he was elected- he had no serious opponents. He was the man everybody thought of when a president was needed.
George Washington was unanimously elected by the electoral college in 1789, making him the first President of the United States.
George Washington was not our first president no one knows who it really was there was about 5 behind him. But he was the first for the entire country. Anyways... he became first of the country by guiding the Revolutionary War.

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Q: How did George Washington become the first President?
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Who was chosen to become the first president?

The first official president was George Washington.

Who was the first soldier to become a President?

George Washington

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in 1771 george washington became the first presendnt.

How did George Washington become a first president?

He won the election.

Who was the first to ever become president?

In USA it was George Washington

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George Washington

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George Washington was the nation's first president

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George Washington was the first President of the U.S. George Washington

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When George Washington become president, John Adams become the first vice president.John Adams becomes the second president.

Who was the first presindent of the US?

Yes, George Washington was the the first president

Who was the first presisent of Us?

The first president of the United States was George Washington

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The first president of The United States was George Washington.