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I think him being the first president would have helped unite the nation, because the country needed someone in charge who would not hold too much power and take over. So instead of having a "king" they had a "president." George Washington implied that they needed to work together or the country would basically fall apart.

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The main thing George Washington did was win us the revolutionary war. Which means he gave the u.s.a our independence. You can also go to and go to one of the bars at the top. A scroll down thing will appear. Then click presidents. TRUST POINT PLEASE

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He helped people by making the right decisions to do what is best for the State. George also help by leading battles in the Revolutionary war. Many soldiers in George Washington group thought he was a great leader for them and he also experience of being in love with Maretha Washington and feeling how much he should care for his people.

As the first US president, he was elected unanimously for two consecutive terms. He thereby set the standard that US presidents should only serve 2 terms. This lasted until FDR ran for election four times. By Constitutional amendments, the two term standard is law.

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George Washington helped the people by becoming the first person of leadership for the nation.

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He kind of made the government

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Q: How did George Washington help unite the nation?
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