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Henry Hamilton was the Lieutenant Governor of the newly acquired (for the British) Northwest Territory. His headquarters was at Fort Detroit and the American Revolution had already begun when he took his post. During the war Gov. Hamilton spurred the Native American tribes to attack the American colonists in Pennsylvania and Virginia (which included Kentucky and West Virginia). To defend themselves against these attacks and to acquire as much of the vast Northwest territory for themselves, Virginia launched a small campaign led by Col. George Rogers Clark against the tribes and Hamilton. This led, eventually, to Hamilton's defeat and capture at Vincennes.

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Q: How did Henry Hamilton relate to the American Revolution?
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Patrick Henry lived in Virginia when the American Revolution started.

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the hair buyer was a man named Henry hamilton. he commanded Detroit during the American revolution. they somtimes ccalled him the "hair buyer" because he used to pay Indians to go off and scalp settlers.

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American: George Rogers Clark British: Colonel Henry Hamilton

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