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He didn't

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Q: How did Houston solve the conflicts with native Americans?
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How did sam Houston try to solve his debt with Texas?

He printed money, lots, only made it worse by doing that though. then he tried to take a loan from the united states

Why did the confederation government not survive the decade of post-war adjustments after the revolution?

The Confederation government did not survive the decade of post-war adjustments after the Revolution mainly because it was weak and unable to effectively govern the newly formed United States. It lacked the power to enforce laws, raise revenue, and regulate commerce, leading to economic instability and internal conflicts among the states. The experience of a weak central government under the Articles of Confederation ultimately convinced many Americans of the need for a stronger federal government, which led to the drafting of the Constitution.

What are establishment duties of the CCMA?

is to solve through concoliation

Was Canada west for or against confederation?

If you mean Canada west as Ontario then yes they were, for many reasons. The government kept changing in Canada east and west, it was hard to make big decisions they decided to create a new country called Canada, to solve these issues. When the Americans had a war over slavery, the British helped those who were for slavery, but when the people against slavery won, the province of Canada was afraid they would get attacked because they were a British colony, but if they were a separate country, the Americans would be nice to their new neighbor.

How did the Babylonians solve quadratic equations?


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How did housten and lamar solve the problem with the unrest of native Americans?

okay seriously Houston is not spelled with an en at the end or his name and why don't you read your book you will eventually get the answer

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the native Americans used it to solve problems instead of war.

How were the conflicting claims of settlers and Native Americans resolved?

Because Jarrell Daniels Say that some are solve

How were conflicting claims of settlers and native Americans resolved?

Because Jarrell Daniels Say that some are solve

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by understanding

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He did not solve them. He highlighted them. The problems still exist.

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By negotiation, bribery or force of arms.

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