How did Joseph ashburn die?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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Joseph died because of the old mill prison

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No one knows yet. With so many John Auhburn in the web today, and across the globe no one know who that John Ashburn was.

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Q: How did Joseph ashburn die?
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What year did Joseph ashburn die?

Joseph I died on April 17, 1711 at the age of 32.

When did captain Joseph ashburn die?

Captain Joseph Ashburn died on March 3, 1782. He was married to American flag maker Elizabeth (Betsy) Ross and closely related to the founders of Pennsylvania.

How did Betsy Ross' second husband die?

Joseph Ashburn and Betsy Ross married in the year 1777. Joseph Ashburn died in the revolutionary war. He died in jail after his ship was captured by the British.

What were Betsy Ross's husbands names?

They were John Ross, Joseph Ashburn, and John Claypoole.

How old was Captain Joseph Ashburn when he married Betsy Ross?

Joseph was 27 when he married Betsy Ross

What year did Betsy Ross Mary Joseph Ashburn?

year 1777

What year did Betsy ross marry Joseph Ashburn?

year 1777

Why was Joseph Ashburn sent to prison?

Because he was going on other land.

How old was Betsy Ross's daughter Zilla when she died?

Aucilla (aka Zilla or Zillah) Ashburn was born in 1779 and died in 1780 in Philadelphia, PA. Elizabeth (Betsy) Griscom had three husbands: John Ross, Joseph Ashburn, and John Claypoole. Zilla was the daughter of Betsy and Joseph Ashburn.

What age did Betsy Ross marry Joseph ashburn?

she was 25 yrs old

Who was Betsy rise second husband?

Betsy Ross's second husband was Joseph Ashburn

What is the name of Betsy Ross husband?

John Ross,Joseph Ashburn and John claypoole