How did Kakashi die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He dies from pain

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Q: How did Kakashi die?
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Will Kakashi die after Konoha was attacked?

Yes, Kakashi does die after Konoha was attacked.

Why did kakashi die?

Kakashi didn't die. Pain might have killed him but when Naruto defeated Pain, Naruto resurrected Kakashi using some kind of resurrecting jutsu

How does Kakashi's old teamate Rin die?

No she continues on but in a different team than kakashi.

In the Shippuden movie does Kakashi die?


How did Kakashi mother die?


Who is stronger Kakashi or jiraya?

both but kakashi is more better he got sharingan and jiraya got the frog he summon :) kakashi he didn't die to the pains

Does Kakashi really die?

Kakashi is dead at first, but Pain resurrected him after he encountered Naruto with his real body.

How did Kakashi's team die?

rin never die but obito died from saving kakashi from a big boulder from falling on him so he pushed kakashi away.and he use his sharingan to replace it with kakashi's damage normal eye when he died his last word was.With this Sharingan, I will always be with you, and I will also be able to see the future."

Why Kakashi die?

Kakashi died because he used up the last of his Chakra on Kamui to save Choji from Deva Path's missile.

Does Kakashi die in Naruto shippuuden?

Yes, but he is then resurrected by Pain.

What is the name of the ninja that Kakashi took the Sharingan from?

his name was obito uchiha and he gave it to kakashi because he was about to die oh and why dont you watch the naruto shippuden episode 120 kakashi's guiden you will find out everything

What happen to Kakashi in naruto's last episode?

kakashi will die because he kill by sasuke and naruto kill sasuke then he become a hokege.just an imagination.