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He was VP of JFK, and assumed office when JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Tx on 11/22/63.

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LBJ served as JFK's VP from 1961-63 JFK was assassinated on 11/22/63 After JFk was killed lbj took office

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Q: How did LBJ become president?
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How did Lyndon B. Johnson become president?

No LBJ became president after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. .

Why did LBJ become president?

He was the U. S. Vice President at the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

How does Lyndon Johnson become president and answer from The kid who ran for president?

LBJ took over the office when JFK was killed in Dallas.

Who was president in the USS Pueblo?

President Johnson (LBJ).

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LBJ would be the answer for office of memorial!

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LBJ in 1965

What was LBJ's foreign policy?

President Lyndon B. Johnson's Vice President was Hubert Humphrey.

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