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Oliver Wolcott died of old age in 1797. Oliver was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Governor of Connecticut.

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Q: How did Oliver Wolcott die?
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When did Oliver Wolcott Gibbs die?

Oliver Wolcott Gibbs died on 1908-12-09.

Where did Oliver Wolcott die?

In a office.

Is the town of Wolcott named after Oliver Wolcott?

The town of Wolcott,Connecticut is named after Oliver Wolcott and his son Oliver Wolcott Jr.

When was Oliver Wolcott House created?

Oliver Wolcott House was created in 1753.

When was Oliver Wolcott Gibbs born?

Oliver Wolcott Gibbs was born on 1822-02-21.

When did oliver wolcott die?

December 1, 1797

Where is the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield located?

The address of the Oliver Wolcott Library is: 160 South St., Litchfield, 06759 0187

Who was Oliver Wolcott's mother?

Sarah Drake

What is the phone number of the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield?

The phone number of the Oliver Wolcott Library is: 860-567-8030.

When did Frank Wolcott die?

Frank Wolcott died in 1910.

When did Wolcott Gibbs die?

Wolcott Gibbs died in 1958.

Who was Americas second Secretary of the Treasury?

Oliver Wolcott Jr. 1795-1797