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President arthur

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Q: How did President Arthur end the spoils system in the US?
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Why do you think President Arthur worked so hard to end the spoils system?

He employed more peope than customhouse needed

Was Rutherford Hayes the first president to attempt to end the spoils system?


Was Rutherford B. Hayes was the first president to attempt to end the spoils system.?

True A+~Luna

Why did reformers want to end the spoils system?

Reformers wanted to end the spoils system because people were receiving high salaries but doing no work in many cases.

Was Rutherford B. Hayes was the first president to attempt to end the spoils system?

True A+~Luna

Which president tried to end the spoil system but then got killed?

James Garfield was assassinated by a disappointed office seeker. His assassination spurred Congress and President Arthur to pass Civil Service legislation, thereby ending much of the spoils system. Garfield was against the worst features of federal appointments as pushed by Senator Roscoe Conkling, but I would not say that he was shot for trying to eliminate the spoils system.

Did the assassination of McKinley bring about an end to the Spoils System?

No, James A. Garfield did.

The Civil Service Commission was designed to do what?

decrease or to end the spoils system.

The civil service system was created to put an end to what?

Civil service virtually ended the the spoils system. Civil service workers get their jobs through competitive examinations and keep them even though a new administration comes into power.

How did reformers try to change the spoils system?

When a political party comes to power, its leaders tend to place many of their faithful followers into important public offices. The use of public offices as rewards for political party work is known as the Spoils System.

Why did president Arthur to peruse civil service reform?

One thing was the fact that President Garfield was shot by a man who wanted a government job and did not get it. Also Arthur knew how political bosses controlled appointments in NY City and once President, he decided to end the practice after Garfield had started reform.

What day did James Garfield end being president?

Vice President Arthur refused to assume the Presidency while President Garfield was still alive, so Garfield was officially the President until his death on September 19, 1881.