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Progressives believed that the government should have policies that protected workers. They also thought government should help the poor.

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How did Progressives plan to improve government?Answer this question…

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Q: How did Progressives plan to improve government?
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How did progressives improve the way government answered to the people?

ruling the world

How did the progressives feel about the government?

Government should regulate business to eliminate corruption and improve efficiency.

What belief did all progressives share?

They were middle-class They were Protestant.

What are Progressives and Muckrakers?

Progressives were reformers who worked to improve social and political problems, begining in the late 1800s; Muckrakers were mostly progressives who exposed political corruption in big business through journalism in order to bring about reform.

What was the progressive movement in reaction to?

Urban and consumer issues. Progressives believed that the government should regulate industrial production and improve labor conditions.

How did the belief of progressives differ from those of social Darwinists?

Progressives believed in using government intervention to create social and economic reforms to improve society. Social Darwinists, on the other hand, believed in the idea of survival of the fittest and that government intervention would interfere with natural selection and the progress of society.

What following applies to government corruption in the progressive era?

Government corruption was fought by progressives and muckrakers- apex

What did progressives agree to?

Both wanted working conditions to improve

What is an area of American life that Progressives wanted to improve?


Most progressives agreed that the government should?

Most progressive agreed that the government should protect workers and help the poor. Progressivism focuses on the use of advancements in social organization and technology to improve quality of life.

What did progressives and socials agree on?

Both wanted work conditions to improve - apexxx

What progressives shared a strong faith that what could improve society?

science and technology