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The truth is, I don't think it ever did! I think it was like that the day the universe got created.

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Q: How did Tasmania break of Australia?
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What country lies to the north of Tasmania?

Australia Mainland Australia is due north of Tasmania. Tasmania is an island state of Australia.

What relationship does Tasmania have to Australia?

Tasmania is one of Australia's states.

What are three cuntries in Australia?

I hate to break it to you, but Australia IS a country. The states are: New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, West Australia, South Australia and Tasmania

Which country is in Tasmania?

There is no country in Tasmania. Tasmania is a small island, and one of the states of Australia.

What bodies of water separate Tasmania and Australia?

The Bass Strait separates Tasmania from Australia.

Who are the neighbors to Tasmania?

Just above Tasmania is the mainland Australia and New Zealand is South-East of Tasmania. Tasmania is a part of Australia

Can you bring species of reptiles from Australia into Tasmania?

Tasmania is a part of Australia.

Who owns Tasmania?

Tasmania belongs to Australia. It is one of Australia's states.

Is Tasmania in the northern part of Australia?

No, Tasmania is the most southern part of Australia.

Who found Tasmania in Australia?

Abel Tasmania.

What country lies directly north of Tasmania?

The country that lies directly north of Tasmania is Australia. Tasmania is an island state of Australia located south of the mainland.

On what continent is Tasmania located?

Tasmania is an island, so it is not physically part of any continent. It is, however, the only island state of Australia.