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Paine's powerful words convinced many Americans that it was time to declare independence

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Q: How did Thomas Paine's Common Sense help lead to the Declaration of Independence?
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What was the name of the pamphlet that influenced many colonists to support independence from Britain?

Tomas Paines Pamphlet "Common Sense"Common Sense by Thomas PaineCommon Sense was the name of the Pamphlet.

What was Thomas Paines Contribution to independence?

I think it was how he tried to get other colonist to declare independence.

In Thomas Paines Common Sense he wrote that it was common sense for the colonies to fight for independence because?

Because the colonies were under the thumb of England, paying them exorbitant taxes, and independence was the best choice for them.

Why was Thomas Paines the Common Sense so important?

It's believed to be responsible for the residents of the 13 colonies deciding in favor of independence.

What document encourage the colonists to fight until they reached independence?

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense", Thomas Paine's "The Crisis", Thomas Jefferson et. al. "Declaration of Independence. Take your pick.

Who was selected to write the declaration of the independence?

Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the Declaration Of Independence

Thomas paines cammon sense?

You mean common

Who mainly authored the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson is credited with the writting of the declaration of independance.Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He asked that this feat be carved on his tombstone.

Did Thomas Edison sign the Declaration of Independence?

No, Thomas Edison did not sign the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson did though.

Is the author of the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas JeffersonUnited States Declaration of Independence was authored by Thomas Jefferson.

Who was the author of the declaration of independence .?

The author of the Declaration of Independence was Thomas Jefferson.

What does Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence have in common?

Thomas Paine wrote about 'people had the right to govern themselves rather than a king' but, the Declaration of Independence states to break free from Brittan.