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Washington decided on a bold move: a surprise attack on Trenton. The soldiers went throughout many obstacles to get to where they needed to go. Early December 26, the Americans surprised the hessian troops guarding Trenton.

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Q: How did Washington turn retreat into victory in New Jersey?
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What was a feature of Hamilton's British Plan for government?

A national executive would be elected for life. This idea was shot down by George Washington, among others, who feared that a leader elected for life would turn too quickly into something like a king.

What leader warned Americans that political parties may have harmful effects?

George Washington was strongly against America dividing into two different political parties. In his farewell address, he wanted the people of his nation to be united, and he felt that political parties would turn his nation against each other. He also warned against foreign entanglements.

How does New Jersey determine how many electoral votes the candidates will get?

Like most states, New Jersey uses the Winner-Take-All Method for appointing electors. All of New Jersey's electors are appointed based on which ticket receives the most popular votes statewide. For example, in 2012, 2,125,101 New Jersey voters voted for the Obama/Biden ticket, 1,477,568 voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket, and 45,594 voted for another ticket; therefore Barack Obama and Joe Biden received all 14 of New Jersey's electoral votes.

Why did George Washington warn the country not to split into political parties?

He believed that the people would become too loyal to their party, instead of their country.

What did George Washington do about democracy?

By planting a Cherry Tree. The Cherry tree is an ancient sign of peace and liberty according to the Greek and Romans. In their tradition, the aggressor who wished peace would bring a Cherry Tree as a gift and sign of their commitment to toward unity.

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