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The cultural differences between Kosovo and Serbia arose from the Turkish conquest of Kosovo.

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Q: How did a war more than 600 years ago contribute to causing ethnic conflict beginning again in the 1990s?
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Conflict worldwide has ebbed and flowed over the years; there are periods of escalation and de-escalation. Currently, some regions are experiencing an increase in conflict while others are seeing reductions. Factors like political instability, economic disparities, and ethnic tensions can contribute to the rise of conflict.

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What is the root cause of ethnic conflict in Rwanda?

The root cause of ethnic conflict is the different ethnicity's and nationalities clashing with each other.

Why is conflict important?

Conflict can be an important factor in maintaining ethnic diversity.

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Ethnic conflict refers to conflicts between different ethnic groups, often fueled by differences in culture, religion, language, or historical grievances. These conflicts can involve violence, discrimination, and prejudice, and can have deep-rooted social, political, and economic causes. Resolving ethnic conflicts often requires addressing underlying structural inequalities and fostering dialogue and reconciliation between the involved groups.

Which country experienced widespread ethnic conflict following the collapse of its Communist regime?

Yugoslavia was the country that experienced ethnic conflict. The country was divided into 7 different nations.

What caused the balkanization of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia?

Ethnic conflict.

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