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Benjamin franklins wife suposeably died of a heart attack am I right or wrong u decide?

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she died unexpectedly of a stroke.

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Q: How did benjamin franklins wife die?
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What was Benjamin franklins second wife?

Ben Franklins wife was Deborah Read Rogers.

How did bens franklins wife die?

She had a stroke.

Who where Benjamin Franklins important family members?

Ben Franklins important family members were Dev Franklin (his wife) and George Franklin (his son).

How did four of Benjamin franklins brothers die?

they drowened

When did Benjamin Franklins mom die?

she died when she was giving birth to her tenth child

Benjamin Franklins middle name?

benjiman franklins full name is Benjamin josiah Franklin.

What were Benjamin Franklins struggles and how did he respond?

He lost his wife he had a hard time at work he was getting sick he retiered very early

Where was Benjamin Franklins Birthplace?


What was Benjamin franklins struggles?


What was Benjamin Franklins religioun?

He was Christian.

What was Benjamin franklins plan to unite the colonies?

He thought that because he didnt want to loose, or have them die . Hence his cartoon "Join or Die"

What where Benjamin franklins kids named?

when was benjamin frankilns first poop?