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from a shot from a gun

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Siege of Savannah in Georgia

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Q: How did casimir pulaski die?
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Who was a polish Aristocat who fought on the side of the colonists?

Casimir Pulaski

What side was he on and why casimir pulaski?

Casimir Pulaski was on Poland's side and he did it because he wanted Poland to be free from Russians that is where he was raised

A polish aristocrat who fought on the side of the colonist?

Count Casimir Pulaski

Is casimir pulaski a national holiday?

No it is not.

Did Count Casimir Pulaski have any children?

No... Casimir Pulaski did not have kids because if he did answers would have popped up!!@@##$$%%^^&&**(())__++

Who was the polish military aide?

Casimir Pulaski

What was the name of Casimir Pulaski's horse?


Is casimir pulaski day a national holiday?

No it is not.

How was Casimir Pulaski Day formed?

Casimir Pulaski Day was formed to honor the man born as Kazimierz Pulaski in Poland. He was a Revolutionary War cavalry officer and is called "the father of the American cavalry".

Where was count Casimir Pulaski from and what was his specialty?

Casimir Pulaski was a Polish nobleman that was kicked out of Poland because of a disagreement with the Polish king. Casimir was a well trained horseman and expert shot. Benjamin Franklin recruited him to help George Washington at Valley Forge train men.

What was the Early life of Casimir Pulaski?

pulaski was born on March 4,1745 in wiiniary,near warka. His father ,JOZEF PULASKI

Where is Casimir Pulaski from?

winiary near warka [Poland]