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they mostly traveled by the Ohio River

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Q: How did early settlers get to Ohio?
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What served as a highway for explorers and early settlers?

it is the Ohio river

How did the early settlers get to Ohio?

In order to get to Ohio, settlers would travel either overland or by waterways. Ferries and barges allowed people to travel hundreds of miles in a few days. Travel overland was much more arduous.

Why did early settlers in Ohio clear forests?

Studies of forest history in Ohio are complicated by the fact that very little of the original forest can be found today. The early settlers ruthlessly cleared the landscape, not only for wood for homes and space for farms, but also to provide clearings as a defence against Indian attacks.

Why was Ohio called the gate way state?

Ohio is called the gateway state because in the early 1800's, settlers came through Ohio to get farther west to settle. It is also is called the gateway state because it had rich soil for settlers and that lead them to a new and better life.

What was the life of early Ohio settlers like?

The life of the early Ohio settlers included farming and the removal of heavily forested areas to set up land for agriculture. The women took care of the household labor while the men cleared land and plowed and planted. Many families shared homes on plantations.

What products did early settlers of Virginia make?

how did early settlers get money

Who are the Hawaiian settlers?

The Early Hawaiian settlers are the Polynesian settlers.

Where did the early settlers of Ethiopia Africa come from?

Where did the early settlers of Africa come from

What type of homes did the early settlers live in?

the early settlers live in hut or benab

What opportunities awaited settlers in Ohio?

the opportunities was that

When was Early Settlers Meeting House created?

Early Settlers Meeting House was created in 1856.

How did settlers make a living in Ohio in 1839?

Settlers traded their money with the indians for food and clothes