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it changed because the ancient god piety wanted to kill everyone and people had ideas on how to change that.

stop looking uo answers to your history homework children !

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Q: How did ideas about piety and simple life change?
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How did ideas about piety and a simple life change in the renaissance?

In the Renaissance, there was a shift towards valuing humanism and the pursuit of individual fulfillment alongside religious piety. The simple life was still esteemed, but there was also an increasing emphasis on wealth, luxury, and artistic expression. Some thinkers believed that a balance between piety and worldly pursuits could lead to a more harmonious life.

How did ideas about piety and smiple life change?

Throughout history, ideas about piety and simple living have shifted based on cultural, religious, and philosophical influences. In some societies, simplicity and piety have been highly valued traits, while in others, material wealth and power have been prioritized. These changes often reflect broader shifts in social norms, values, and beliefs.

How did ideas about piety and a simple life during the renaissance?

During the Renaissance, there was a revival of interest in classical philosophy, which often emphasized the virtues of piety and simplicity. Many humanist thinkers promoted the idea of a balanced life that included spiritual values and a rejection of excessive materialism. This influence can be seen in the art of the time, with some works portraying scenes of simplicity and piety to convey moral messages.

How did idea about piety and a simple life change?

Throughout the course of Ancient History in both East and West, ideas about piety and simplicity in human life have changed as societies and cultures have themselves changed. Just one example of such a change is preserved in the historical record of Late Ancient Rome: once Christianity was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire, the general understanding of these religiously important virtues began to change; in particular, they now incorporated involvement in social and political life to a degree unseen to that point previously.

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How did ideas of piety and simple life change Renaissance?

During the Renaissance, the focus on humanism led to a shift in values away from strict piety and asceticism towards a more secular approach to life. While religious beliefs remained important, the emphasis on individual achievement, art, and culture led to a greater appreciation for beauty and worldly pleasures. The Renaissance also saw the rise of a more luxurious lifestyle among the wealthy elite, who displayed their wealth through elaborate art, architecture, and clothing.

What has the author Ebenezer E Ross written?

Ebenezer E. Ross has written: 'The manliness of piety' 'The manliness of piety' -- subject(s): Christian life, Piety

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