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He said u don't work u don't eat

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Q: How did john smith get the settlers to work?
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How did John Smith get soldiers to work?

he gave settlers food.

What things did John Smith do?

Captain John Smith said, "If you don't work, you don't eat." So if the settlers wanted to survive they had to work.

How did John Smith get settlers to work?

He said u don't work u don't eat

Will not work shall not eat said John Smith to the settlers of?

kayla vivica and ja'ziyah

Leader of Jamestown settlers rescued by Pocahontas?

John Smith, who did not let people eat unless they work, was the leader of Jamestown.

How did John Smith improve conditions at Jamestwon?

He forced the settlers to work harder and rewarded them with food.

What was the most serious problem faced by settlers I in Virginia?

They had to work hard for the money and not get fussed from John smith.

Who was the captain and leader of the Jamestown settlers?

John Smith was the leader of the Jamestown settlers. Smith was an English explorer who lived from 1580 to 1631.

Who was the author of no work no eat?

The phrase "no work, no eat" is often attributed to John Smith, one of the founders of Jamestown, Virginia. The concept was used to instill the importance of work and self-sufficiency in the early English settlers of America.

How did smith get settlers to work?

by taking lead

How did smith get the settlers to work?

by taking lead

Leader of Jamestown settlers who was rescued by pochaotas?

John Smith