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Many historians believe Lincoln's mother, Nancy, passed away from what was referred to as 'milk sickness.' She died in 1818.

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Q: How did lincolns mother die?
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When did lincolns mother die?

She died October 5 , 1818 when Abraham was 9 years old.

Who is lincolns mother?

Nancy Hanks Lincoln, was Abraham Lincoln's mother.

What is lincolns mother's name?

Nancy hanks

How was Abraham Lincolns mother?

Mary Todd Lincoln.

How old was Abraham lincolns mother when she died in 1818?

she was 34.

Who is Abraham mother and father?

Abraham Lincolns parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln.

How many of lincolns sons outlived their mother?

only one son made it to adulthood and that was Robert who outlived his mother by 27 years

Which presidents mother refused to sleep in lincolns bed?

Harry s Trumans mother was a confederate sympathizer and refused to sleep in loncoln's bed

What sad event happened early in Abraham Lincolns life?

Lincoln's mother died of milk sickness when he was nine.

How did Mary todd Lincolns dad die?

mary todd lincon's dad died of turboculosis..... :'(

Name lincolns son the only on to survive to adult hood?

Robert Todd Lincoln grew up to have his mother committed.

When was The Lincolns created?

The Lincolns was created in 1979.